Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a movie with my friends?

All you have to do is to go to ‘create a project’. Once there, 1 person needs to ‘create’, the others will need to ‘join’.

As a lone user, how can I use

We created a standalone path, where you shoot a movie on your own, using a front / back camera switch. This will allow you shoot a scene and switch whenever you want, to comment on it.

I can’t see my friends on the radar

Please make sure you all entered ‘create a project’ and chose roles accordingly. Then, ensure WiFi is enabled.

Can I connect with more than 2 friends?

Indeed, and you will also be able to retrieve all the sequences. In the meantime, our editing console allows you to pick and choose only 2 additional sources, choose wisely! You chose the wrong sequence? A simple ‘back’ will allow you to replace it.

Do I need an account?

As long as you do not create public videos, you won’t need an account. Keep in mind that without account, we won’t be able to save your final movies, feature any of your video to the community or inform you on news or offers.

Why do I need an account for?

By creating public videos, you join the community. Your account will then allow you to save your movies online. As a member, you’ll be able to interact with the rest of the community. AND, on a regular basis, we’ll highlight and feature nicest movies.

I’m using FB / Tw credentials, can I change my username?

In the profile page, you can change your username. Please bear in mind we’re not allowing space nor accents. And we also have a list of blacklisted words.

I lost my password, can I recover it?

on the log in screen, you can click on ‘forgot password’. We’ll automatically send you an email with a temporary password. We invite you to change it on your first connexion.

I met a strange bug, what can I do? is in a beta version, we would really appreciate if you could send us an email, describing the bug you’ve met. Bear in mind we’re also gathering crash reports that are automatically sent to us if any.